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A little reflection will show that these remarks are based on hundred per cent truth and there is no exaggeration. These only bring to limelight the importance of the excellent ualities of character that sports are capable of producing. Besides being a real source of recreation, sports teach and cultivate certain qualities of the head and the heart such as courage, sportsmanship, honour, fair play, discipline-dutifulness, obedience, the will to fight ones way to victory, the team-spirit and unity of purpose and action. These qualities symbolise the real virtues of a sportsman who plays the game of life.

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Sports develop the spirit of courage, manliness, the will to tight against odds and unfavourable and averse circumstances. He never loses heart and faces rough and tough situations cheerfully, and with full vigour. They inculcate in the sportsman the quality of accepting both—defeat and success with a smile and without any ill-will or hatred towards anybody, especially the opponents.

This quality renders the International Sporting events all the more important. At the International Sporting events, sportsman from various countries having different social, economic and political systems and ideologies come together. In their inter-action, all the virtues and qualities of sportsmanship come into full play. Co a sportsman, nothing is dearer than his honour. A true sportsman would neither conduct himself in a dishonourable manner; nor permit himself to be an instrument of any dishonour to his opponents.

He wants to live and die with honour and for the sake of honour. As world-class sportsman in all countries command great respect and admiration and such events are held with the support and blessings of their respective governments, the goodwill created at these events paves way for goodwill and understanding in other fields also. In this way, the international sporting events promote the cause of peace and goodwill among the participating nations.

Games and sports are especially important for the school and college going boys and girls. Besides keeping them fit both mentally and physically they perform a very special function in their development.

The students at this age pass through a very crucial physical and mental stage. They need to be very active and busy both mentally and physically. Only studies and present day movies and television-watching make them slack and their extra energies do not get properly channalized.

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The answer to this situation is being busy in sports and games. It takes out all the extra energy and keeps them busy mentally giving no place to unhealthy development. These are a natural healthy emotional and mental development. Games and sports help in the building of a harmonious around personality. Those who play no games have a stunted growth and personality.

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Education without games is a one-sided affair. Mere mental and moral development is not enough. Physical development is as important as mental growth. Games and sports help us in the development of the body as well as of the soul. That is why every system of education lays much stress on the utility of games and sports in life.

These help us in the development of sound minds in healthy bodies. Games and sports makes the limbs supple and the body fit. A person with a healthy body can perform his duties of life better. After a game or match, their minds are recharged and they go back to their books in a better frame of mind. Students who are not so academically good might end up to be good in certain games. If that is the case, participation in sports in school can help them develop their interest and ability in sports.

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They may even develop a career in sports. This would be a good option to those students who cannot obtain degrees in academic courses. Students who play sports quickly learn that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. They learn to be a good sport in both situations. It also helps them learn to deal with disappointment and go on.

Essay on Sports for Students and Children

Statistics show that kids who are active in sports while in high school are more likely to experience academic success and graduate from high school. The best part of sports is that playing it is fun.

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  • It gives the child something to do and a group to belong to. Students have a group of friends that has the same goals and interests. Young people who play sports are more likely to have a positive body image and higher self-esteem. They are also less likely to take drugs or smoke because they realise the impact that these destructive activities can have on their performance. In my view, schools should make sports an important activity in the school curriculum. By so doing, they are not neglecting their mission in producing young people who are academically good.

    Every school should encourage sports.

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    Through participation in games and sports, schools teach students good traits and values. Of course, good values can also be instilled during class lessons. However, if these values can also be instilled through playing sports, then sports is definitely not a waste of time and energy. English Conversation.

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